Registration and Renewals

Registration and renewal costs starts at $25.00 per year.

If you would like longer registration time Domain names can be registered for up ten years.

For longer registration is as follows:

For 2-5 year registration is $22.95 per year of renewal

For 6-10 year registration is $19.95 per year of renewal

Your domain will automatically be renewed as long as your card for

payment us valid and up to date.

If your card is declined then your domain name will not be renewed. IE Webs cannot be

held responsible if your domain is lost due to not have been renewed.

If you wish to let your domain expire please let me at least 6 weeks ahead of renewal date as I bill and renew one month prior to renewal date. Domain renewals are not refundable.

Privacy registration is $5.00 per year

Prices are subject to change without advance notice.